Trust is the key. We have many years of experience in dealing with small and medium-sized companies all over the world. Added value that makes the difference.


Every project is a challenge. We approach it together, in a team of consultants and developers, in close communication with customers. With a view to the merger of business and IT.


The goal shapes the way. We develop targets, specify the milestones and lead the way there. Everything from a single source, in a team of cross-system experts. Because only experience allows diversity.


The digital is a labyrinth. We find the exit. Because we create an overview, methodically and efficiently. Our goal is to optimize projects digitally. Questions about the system were yesterday.


Continuity is essential. We bring many years of business and system experience into processes and ensure that they have a constant impact. You plan your future, we give you support.


Every project can grow beyond itself. We accompany you both promptly and long-term. Development can thus be continually optimized, depending on the requirements of the business units and goals.


Digital means change. We combine the expertise of our experts, connect offline and online into a common product. You have an idea, we will transform it into the future.


Many ways lead to the goal. We work as a team of specialists, integratively, agilely, communicatively. This allows us to treat your digital project as precisely as possible and as openly as necessary.

About us


Starting a business often has to do with coincidences. Patryk Wlodarczyk and Marek Chroust come from a similar business world. Both were active as entrepreneurs and managers in the digitalization environment supporting various clients ranging from the German federal agencies to E-commerce start-ups. In 2016 the idea was born to combine their existing competencies in the areas of business planning and consulting, digital development and system architecture.

The idea wasn’t to found an alliance of convenience but rather a company in its own right, which, with a team of software specialists and communicators, would become a provider offering the full range of services, from the idea for a digital project to the maintenance of the finished product.

omniIT was launched in early 2018, with its HQ in Munich, one of the most important sites of the IT industry in Europe. The initially still wide-open idea of the product to be offered took on specific form over several months and was tailored into clear range of services and strategies.

omniIT is a new player shaping the digital transformation industry with profound market competence and a continually growing team of experts.

  • Supervised technologies

  • Daily cans of coffee/person

  • Hours of project experience


Our philosophy

Our ultimate goal is to bring together organizations, people and technology. These are the bases of a digital enterprise.

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The result counts. To reach the goal, the path must defined as clearly as possible. From the start, we communicate extensively and in all directions with our customers and developers, individual employees and entire departments. In this way, expectations can be worked out precisely, goals precisely formulated and project diversions avoided. Results are important, but so are time and resources. That's why we see ourselves as scouts with a sense of the optimal path through the digital world.

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Integrity & confidence

Digitalization doesn’t come off the rack. Each project requires its own planning with a confident, goal-oriented approach. We bring in our expertise right from the start and, as a result of our many years of experience, have the ability to assume project responsibilities for individual sections or even the entire process of realization. It is a question of competence, but also of integrity, which belongs professionally, structurally and procedurally to our core values.

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Speed & simplicity

Overview helps to avoid dead ends. Short decision-making paths, comprehensive specialist knowledge and constant communication are the magic words of our profile. This is the basis on which we can act quickly, simplify the complexity and design cross-system solutions. The path through digital jungle may seem difficult at the beginning. We take the lead and set the signposts to ensure that every customer finds his way into the future.

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Quality & safety

Projects get off the ground when the basis is right. This includes reliable quality and safety management. We offer process quality and international standard certification (ISO 9001) and, of course, fundamental and comprehensive IT security (ISO 27001). Our individually created system architecture also makes it possible to develop many other quality and security levels. You decide; we build your marketplace, your skyscraper, your fortress.

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