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Development of a website (infrastructure, CDN, redundancy) Location Icon MUNICH

Websites – everyone on the Internet knows them. Today almost every company has its own website. Information can be made available to potential customers. Here companies face a huge amount of challenges. These challenges have to be mastered and the development targeted and brought to its goal on schedule.

At the beginning of development, companies face a huge amount of challenges:

What target group should be addressed?
What design suits us?
What content will impress my future customers?
What is the best technology I can use?

But even with the implementation of the website the work isn’t over. Even after that, there are further challenges, because what is the use of an impressive website if no one sees it? If the company is invisible to its customers on the Net?

– Workshops for target group analysis
– Requirements engineering with the customer
– Support in the conception of the website, including video creation and design
– Planning and implementation of development
– Configuration of the web server
– Implementation of search engine optimization

Applied technologies
– WordPress
– NixOS
– Nginx
– GitHub
– Jenkins

The website was successfully published. Sustainable and measurable increase in visitor numbers. The image was developed visually and in terms of content with appropriate finesse.

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