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Patryk Wlodarczyk: CEO of omniIT
Patryk Wlodarczyk CEO

Patryk is a founder and CEO of omniIT. Previously, he was CIO at TeamViewer with a strong focus on IT transformation, IT strategy and harmonizing the IT system landscape. As head of IT at Brainloop AG, he was responsible for SaaS platforms in 8 countries, the entire worldwide operational IT operations and launching new products.

During his career, Patryk has led many international teams and international projects around the world, ranging from startups to large enterprises. He has more than 15 years’ experience in the IT industry. He holds a diploma in computer science from the Polish-Japanese Institute for Information Technology.

Marek Chroust: CFO of omniIT
Marek Chroust CFO

Marek is a founder and CEO of omniIT. For more than 8 years he has been working as a management consultant with a focus on digital transformation, agile IT infrastructures and IT security at MCS Consult, which he founded in 2009. Previously, he headed international PreSales Consulting teams at various IT companies, gaining new customers and partners and serving existing customers. He thus brings with him in-depth experience in the marketing of SaaS technologies.

For more than 27 years, Marek has gained many years of leadership experience in the IT industry, has had proven track records in Sales and PreSales and built up an extensive network of contacts. He holds a diploma from the Dual University Karlsruhe in business informatics.

Daniel Schegg: VP Product Management of omniIT
Daniel Schegg VP Product Management

Daniel is a founder and authorized representative of omniIT. As Head of Software Development for the past 12 years, most recently at TeamViewer, Daniel brings a wealth of experience in product development and portfolio management. Daniel’s recipe for success is based on the dovetailing of business and IT. Through communication, process design, clearly defined roles, interfaces within and between departments and a high degree of automation, he has successfully achieved his goals.

Daniel graduated as a specialist in computer science and studied classical archeology and computer science at the Humboldt University in Berlin. He has an IPMA certification as project manager.

Tristan Helmich: VP Engineering Development, IT, QA of omniIT
Tristan Helmich VP Engineering

Tristan is a founder and authorized representative of omniIT. Thanks to his experience in demanding environments such as 24/7 TV broadcasting and operation of high profile/ high traffic platforms, terms such as availability, performance and scaling are not ambitious goals but minimum requirements for every software and IT infrastructure that Tristan manages.

Tristan has been managing and supporting projects in small companies up to global corporations over the past 10 years with highest quality standards.

Tristan studied computer science and computational linguistics at LMU in Munich and completed an accredited vocational training as IT specialist.

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