Cloud transformation services

Consultation, planning, and implementation

Holistically or selectively, we help you into the cloud

We consider all the aspects and – together with you – decide on the right strategy. The result is a scalable and sustainable cloud solution. Benefit from our extensive practical knowledge. We’ll make sure that everything works.

Our goals for your Cloud-Transformation:

Increased IT security Increased efficiency Standardization of IT services Personnel relief High availability

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Cloud Services – With the omniIT Services, you receive an optimized and secure cloud. This allows you to concentrate on your core competencies.

Cloud consulting and modernization – We are your partner for any questions you may have. We’ll advise you on strategic and technological decisions. Our experts provide support with respect to implementation, execution, and optimization.

We also support you when it comes to the question of “Which cloud?”

Public Cloud – Fast deployment, high scalability, and broad elasticity with full cost control.

Private Cloud – Optimal for high security requirements with independent control over the infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud – A combination of public and private cloud, with the advantage of on-the-fly scalability.

Do you need individual advice for your Cloud-Transformation?

What do we offer?

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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS offers a variety of cloud-based products. The comprehensive offer enables the rapid realization of scalable applications and also enables companies to quickly respond to new market requirements. The AWS cloud works on the principle of infrastructure as a service (IaaS). AWS cloud services are designed for businesses of all sizes.

Our expert cloud team possesses in-depth expertise in the use of components such as: EC2, S3, CloudFront, CloudSearch, SES, and SNS.

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Memory – Scalable capacity of storage in the cloud. (S3)

Databases – Suitable for individual applications. (DynamoDB, RDS, MySQL)

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Analyses – Data can be analyzed with a variety of analysis services. (Elasticsearch, Redshift, EMR, and Kafka)

Microsoft Azure

With Azure, Microsoft is making public cloud services available worldwide—
from analysis tools and IoT solutions to web apps. The extensive portfolio requires the appropriate expertise to understand and implement the configuration elements. Azure is especially recommended for migrating Microsoft-based workloads.

Our transformation experts have the necessary expertise to advise you in the best way possible and conform all the necessary elements.

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Confidential Computing – The protection of your data and your code.

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DevOps – People, processes, and products are brought together.

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Big data and analyses – A real-time analysis of your data.

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HashiCorp – Automation

HashiCorp provides various tools for the automation of cloud infrastructures. The focus is on the simple implementation of any infrastructure for any application. Each tool from the product portfolio focuses on one area.

Terraform – Develop, adapt, and improve secure and efficient infrastructures. Infrastructure-as-a-code to increase productivity.

Vault – Secure and controlled access to protect confidential data.

Consul – Configuration and protection of services, whether in public or private clouds.

Nomad – Provision and management of micro service, batch, container, and non-container applications.

Advantages of omniIT Cloud Services

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Reliability – 99.9% service availability guaranteed.

Scalability – Start small and grow indefinitely; go with the flow of your business!

Security – Best practices ensure the highest level of security.

Expertise – Through years of practical experience, our specialists have acquired invaluable know-how.

Cloud and DevOps

Do you think DevOps and the cloud don’t mesh? Well, we do!

DevOps and the cloud belong together. Cloud represents the automation, standardization, and reproducibility of IT infrastructures. DevOps describes a corporate culture and is a combination of mindsets, practices, and tools. Cloud solutions are ideal for the agile provision of infrastructures. The required resources can be provided and configured within no time. If required, it’s also possible to switch off without any problems. Cloud services support your business with various automation tools.

The use of the most modern technologies enables a stable foundation. (Docker, Kubernetes, and Rancher)