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So what is DevOps?

DevOps is neither a single tool nor a piece of software. Instead, it is a corporate culture and combines ways of thinking, practices, and tools. Cooperation, excitement to try new things out, and a willingness to learn play an important role when it comes to DevOps.

The goal: rapid implementation of high-quality software. A more effective and efficient level of cooperation between departments is striven for. This allows added value to be created more quickly.

The term DevOps is composed of the words “Development” (“Dev”) and “Operations” (“Ops”).

Illustration of DevOps loop.

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Advantages of DevOps

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Speed – business advantages

Accelerate your processes so that you can deliver innovative results quickly. By adapting your company more quickly to changing market conditions, you can achieve business results with greater efficiency. Fast release cycles lead to an improved customer experience and increased satisfaction.

  • Faster deployment of features
  • More stable operating environments
  • Improved communication and collaboration
  • More innovation through faster feedback
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Rapid deployment – technical advantages

Increase the frequency and speed with which you deliver new versions of your products. By swiftly troubleshooting and adding new features, you can quickly meet your customers’ new requirements.

  • Continuous software delivery
  • Higher degree of automation
  • Faster delivery of updates and bugfixes
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Employee satisfaction cultural benefits

Our DevOps approach supports collaboration and increases your teams’ morale. Communication in the office is measurably improved. Impending challenges can thus be mastered more quickly. You also attract more young talent through the use of modern work practices. Satisfied employees who have room to innovate bring in new ideas and remain with your company longer.

  • Increased team productivity
  • Increased employee loyalty
  • Professional development

DevOps and security: DevSecOps

In the past, traditional teams only dealt with the issue of security at the end of the development process. DevSecOps integrates the security concept into the development process right from the start. By closing the gaps between development, security, and operations, these entities operate at the same level. Through the DevSecOps approach, security becomes an overarching issue throughout the entire development process and leads to a shared responsibility of all teams.

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A detailed look at our services

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System architecture

Do you need specialists to design a stable foundation? Let’s work together to create a base that will meet your requirements in the future.

Configuration management

By centrally managing your code and configuration, you get a transparent hub to keep track of the complex software lifecycle.

CI/CD & Release Management

The introduction of a CI/CD pipeline provides you with a process that automatically integrates your changes and makes them available in all settings (test, UAT, and production). In a pilot project, we configure the entire CI/CD pipeline for you—complete with all the associated steps. We do this either on-site or in the cloud.


Do you want to get back to concentrating on your core business? We’ll take responsibility to ensure your IT runs smoothly.

In addition to the technical implementation, our DevOps team of experts can also support you in the following business-related processes:

  • Coordination with stakeholders, project managers, product owners, and cost centers
  • Preparation of an organizational flowchart
  • Development of automatic deployments