Log management and analysis

Recognize the relevance of your data

Benefit from log management

Are you being suffocated by the masses of log data generated by different and distributed systems in your company? Are you no longer able to cope with the amount of data and thus detecting threats at a slower rate—or maybe not at all?

Log data are a reliable source of all activities in companies. Nevertheless, they are used far too little to identify sources of error and to ward off threats. Using state-of-the-art technologies (e.g., cloud computing, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment) makes it increasingly important for you to know the exact state of your systems. With Graylog or ELK-stack-as-a-service, we offer you a robust platform for log management and analysis.

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So what are logs, anyways?

In log files, continuous events and messages generated by your IT systems and software applications are logged and provided with a time stamp. Logs are everywhere. To give just a few examples, they are located on servers, computers, operating systems, and networks! This information can help track down bugs, identify security breaches, and provide useful insights for analysis by developers, DevOps, and SecOps.

Your benefit

Gain relevant insights – Filter out unnecessary information with our log management. This allows for insight into relevant information.

Customized search results – Capture, store, index, browse, visualize, analyze, and (if necessary) report on your log data.


Simplification – The evaluation of different log files from different sources is simplified.

Optimization – You get in-depth insights into your IT systems and can identify optimization potential.

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Made in Germany – Our solution is developed in Germany and therefore complies with German data protection laws and regulations. Compliance with regulations is an important criterion for the selection of a log management system.

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