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From big ideas to best-in-class solutions

DevOps | CI/CD | Managed Services | Infrastructure

You have the idea, we have the solution. What is special:

With our building kit, we provide a flexible platform and integrate it into your environment according to your needs. We also take care of the technical and organizational implementation and Operation-as-a-Service

omniIT is a complete digital service provider. Following the as-a-service principle, we develop new software, cross-platform networking, business infrastructure integration and DevOps support tailored to your business.

DevOps platform Cross to close open tiles

An idea finds its way to the product with our DevOps platform – in cloud or on-premise.

We map the complete development process in a continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI / CD) pipeline, designing and collecting your log data and the monitoring of your applications and databases.

In matters of architecture, implementation, integration and operation we can advise and support you, or do these for you ourselves.

In the end, only the goal counts.


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DevOps platform

Log management & analysis Cross to close open tiles

The ELK-stack-as-a-Service provides you with a robust platform for log management and analysis – as SaaS in cloud or self-managed on-premise solution.

Ingest: Logstash and Beats get, convert and store your data from a variety of sources.

Search and analysis: perform and combine versatile search queries – log data, metrics, geospatial data or user behavior on your online store – there are no limits. You can find trends or patterns in your data. Elasticsearch makes this possible.

Visualization: create time series or geospatial analysis, machine learning analysis or simple classical histograms, line graphs, pie charts, ring charts, and more. Your Elasticsearch data is optimally visualized using Kibana.

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Log management & analysis

X-as-a-Service Cross to close open tiles

You are looking for the infrastructure x, for the platform y, for the software z?

We help you with your Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, software as a service in the clouds of the world or on-premise.

We configure with Chef, Puppet, Ansible …

We virtualize with KVM, OpenStack, VMware …

We containerize with Docker, strengthen …

We orchestrate with Kubernetes, OpenShift, Terraform, Rancher …

We log and monitor with ELK, Graylog, Prometheus …

X, y, z = our service.


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Secure development platform Cross to close open tiles

As a managed solution, secure development platform is an ideal place for developers who want to live out their freedom in the cloud without compromising security. This also means fast deployment of infrastructure, scalability and flexible application modification. Our unique Multilayer Cloud Security Framework helps you to achieve your desired goals quickly and cost efficiently.

We offer

a secure cloud development and deployment environment based on the latest technologies and adapted to your needs.

24×7 monitoring

  • Ongoing monitoring and pre-screening of all attacks by highly qualified security analysts
  • Recommended action for potential attacks
  • Regular reports and evaluations
  • Revision-proof archiving of potentially affected systems

Continuous improvements of the evaluation rules for use cases.

Depth analysis & incident response

  • Extended analysis: what assets are affected
  • Initiation of emergency measures according to emergency plan
  • Customization of the controls
  • Mitigation of the impact by a special incident response team

Digital forensics

  • How exactly did the attackers proceed?
  • What exactly was stolen?
  • How can repetition of the damage event be avoided?

Your benefits

  • Secure, cost effective and flexibly managed cloud solution
  • Protection by experts
  • Optimal guarantee of your service level agreements
  • No internal IT security expertise required
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Secure development platform

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Technology Enablement
From real world business to digital future

Cloud Transformation | Data & Analytics | Digitalization | Innovation

Modern technologies create efficient, flexible and scalable IT landscapes. The use of cloud solutions accelerates the transformation to digital organization.

Data-based approaches enable a faster response to changes in the market and thus provide a basis for prompt and targeted adaptation of your own business model.

omniIT develops modern solutions at the interface between the old and the new.

Cloud transformation Cross to close open tiles

Your company is on the way to the cloud and looking for the right path? What is possible? Where is the added value for you?

Based on years of experience in numerous cloud projects, we can find the right strategy for you, show you what’s possible in a proof of concept, and thus help you achieve a stable, scalable and highly available architecture that will prepare your company for the future.

We help you to migrate your applications, your data and your processes, teach you best practices and design for you your own private cloud in your own data center.Cloud Transformation Icon

Cloud Transformation Icon

Cloud transformation

Data & Analytics Cross to close open tiles

Get a grip on huge amounts of data

Big data – by this we understand fast and constantly growing amounts of data. The sources are infinite: social media, machine data, M2M, IoT, online shops, log data and much more.

If the data alone already constitute a great potential, linking these data pots will allow important new insights and thus also reveal hidden business models.

Together with you, we build a data warehouse or data lake and collect customized information using ETL / ELT processes (Extract, Transform, Load / Extract, Load, Transform).

We combine data warehouse and big data: so-called “data blending”. Only in this way to can you gain a holistic view of processes, customers and products.

Data and Analytics Icon

Data & Analytics

Digitalization Cross to close open tiles

In the beginning there are the contents, as structure or product, which are to be converted into data. omniIT takes care of the breakdown and analysis of the content requirements and their implementation in digital form. Working closely together with our engineering and consulting teams, we specify and develop the data layers in precise alignment with your business needs. Automated processes (DevOps, BizDev- Ops, SecOps) ensure that we can further refine and modify the digitization processes.

Change begins by looking at things from a different angle.


Icon for Digitalization

Digitalization Icon


Innovation Cross to close open tiles

Is it possible to create the right climate for innovation in an organization that resists change?

We at omniIT believe that this is the case, because we are confident that the answer lies in the concept of innovation-as-a- Service.

Together with you we develop an innovation solution based on the know-how of our experts, modern tools, lean processes and agile methods.

Our offer includes solutions applying artificial intelligence, machine learning, Industry 4.0, the Internet of things and much more. With our help you can take your business to the next level.

Imagine you are working in agile “startup mode” – but without being a startup. In this way, you give your employees and your customers the best of both worlds – the freedom to break down barriers and think outside the box, but in a stable environment supported by proven processes.

Innovation Icon

Innovation Icon


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Progressive Consulting
From digital islands to holistic landscapes

Software Development | DevOps & Infrastructure Engineering | Project Management

Our experts accompany you in the development and implementation of software and infrastructure projects. Our know-how covers all topics from software development and DevOps to infrastructure. Depending on your requirements, we select all variants of project management, such as agile, lean or waterfall.

Use us as an extended workbench to achieve your goals quickly and with the expected results.

Software development Cross to close open tiles

We develop your software from the ground up, improve existing products with additional functions and modernize your systems.

We offer comprehensive software development, integration, support and operation. Our portfolio of services extends from the development of a single application to a complete software ecosystem.

We take responsibility for the software development process of your projects and continually improve all processes, from release management to complete automation and much more.

Added value for your company:

  • long-term improvement of efficiency
  • lower operating costs
  • knowledge and know-how extension
  • speeding up the time to market
  • optimal alignment of your business and IT

Being proactive is in our DNA!

We are process-oriented

Agile Project Lifecycle Management is the optimal way of process management during software development. You are part of the process and thus always have a holistic view of the overall project.

Agile means our team is part of your business and builds a solid foundation for a long-term partnership with you.Software Development Icon

Software Development Icon

Software development

DevOps engineering Cross to close open tiles

Digitization is based on permanent error correction and optimization. We ensure process transparency and break down barriers to increase your efficiency and improve your zero-error culture.

Only the successful implementation of DevOps strategies in your organization ensures that a buzzword can become a living culture based on trust and collegial cohesion.

We want your teams to think and act on a cross-functional basis, making development and operations a functional unit through agile approaches and advanced DevOps technologies such as automation, continuous delivery, and infrastructure-as-a-code in order to realize faster release cycles and to be able to recognize and correct critical errors already in the development process.

DevOps must be defined for your company. We design suitable processes for you and develop a perfectly coordinated tool chain. We find, build and optimize your perfect setup.DevOps Engineering Icon

DevOpsEngineering Icon

DevOps engineering

Infrastructure engineering Cross to close open tiles

A reliable infrastructure is the foundation of every IT enterprise.

Redundant and highly available storage and database systems protect the most valuable asset of digitization: the data. Intelligently configured networks allow control over information and data flow. Clustered application layers ensure uninterrupted operation.

We offer reliable infrastructure architectures as a code, immutable and reproducible at any time.

Infrastructure Engineering Icon

Infrastructure Engineering Icon

Infrastructure engineering

Project management Cross to close open tiles

The targeted and successful implementation of measures requires appropriate project management. Both the classic “waterfall” project management and the “agile” project approach known from IT are suitable for planning and managing projects in a result-oriented and successful manner. omniIT project managers have many years of experience in various industries and project sizes.

Project initiation

From the first idea to the project. The initiation influences later project success to a considerable extent. Errors that are made in the pre-project phase can later be difficult or even impossible to correct. That is why we carefully work out with you the building blocks of situational and context analysis, project objectives, project organization, effort and cost estimation and the project assignment.

Project planning

The next step in the preliminary work is detailed project plan containing different detailed plans. It contains detailed plans such as risk planning, expense planning, scheduling, milestone planning and cost and resource planning.

Project implementation

In the classic waterfall model the phases determine the realization. The agile project approach helps to achieve visible and measurable project results in shorter cycles. The success of the project is monitored and controlled by a constant progress check of the quality, time and budget. It constitutes a continuous transparency for the client.

Project completion

The completion of the project is an important and visible milestone for all concerned, and is often undervalued in practice. As part of the project completion, the achievement of the defined objective is reviewed, deviations from the original project assignment assessed, “lessons learned” recorded and open or new relevant topics handed on to the project commissioner.

Project Management Icon

Project management

Time for changes