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What is CI/CD?

Continuous deployment (CD) and continuous delivery (CD) are both parts of continuous integration (CI). One of the objectives is to ensure that deliveries are able to be made on a continuous basis. Basically, the three terms integration, delivery, and deployment build on each other.

Practical use

In real life, each developer works separately on a project part. When assembling the individual parts, problems may end up arising. To avoid this, continuous integration is used by integrating changes into the overall software several times a day. It therefore quickly becomes clear whether everything fits together or not.

Continuous deliveryexpands continuous integration. After the CI/CD pipeline, the application is subjected to various detailed checks in a test environment. At the end, there is a version that can be given to production.

With software releases that are rarely carried out, this step becomes all the more important as large quantities of changes have to be imported at once. With continuous deployment, a release simply becomes commonplace. The processes are automated and, compared to manual releases, save a lot of time. Development and production are closely linked. Development is integrated into the overall process.

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Advantages of CI/CD

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Increased productivity – The automation of the processes eliminates manual tasks. Developers can concentrate on implementing new requirements and optimizing the software. This reduces the number of errors in the software.

Flexibility – Short feedback cycles enable development teams, clients and users to keep an eye on the quality and degree of implementation. If necessary, fine-tuning can be carried out in real time.

Increased quality – All changes in the code trigger clearly defined and automated processes.

Debugging – Regular tests allow errors to be detected and corrected at greater speed.

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